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The work/life balance: myth or possibility?

There’s no question. It’s becoming harder for working individuals to find the perfect balance in life. Most of us are not accustomed to the complicated requirement to plan every small detail. As children, our parents were responsible for planning our daily events. Our lives revolved around attending school. Everything else– sports, hobbies, games, family time, and relaxation was planned second to school. As a working individual, we’re thrust into a world where suddenly all the planning is on our shoulders. This would include all the planning of which we were completely and blissfully unaware of, as children.

The juggling act includes: going to work, working enough hours per week, getting paid enough money to afford your lifestyle, budgeting your finances, paying monthly bills on time, creating a savings account, creating a retirement account, learning about different retirement accounts, staying healthy, maintaining your weight, cleaning your living space, finding a suitable living arrangement that promotes your growth, raising a pet, watering plants, meeting up with friends, maintaining old relationships while also creating new ones, dating, taking care of your own mental health and well-being, staying up-to-date with fashion trends, spending quality time with family, eating well-balanced meals, cooking and grocery shopping for these well-balanced meals within budget, pursuing hobbies or learning new ones — all while trying to remain sane, healthy, and within budget.

Sip of Ambition hopes to bring its readers a one-stop site that can simplify some of your planning for you and keep you current on relevant news and happenings.

Life suddenly becomes more daunting as we accumulate more responsibilities.

Inevitably, more responsibilities always land on our plate– a promotion at work, lack of finances requiring a new loan, bringing home a new fur baby, or having and raising an actual child.

The hardest hurdles we face are the ones we never saw coming.

God forbid that one day, you find yourself with a physical or mental disability. With all the increasing responsibilities of our lives, life can suddenly become almost impossible. While barely keeping everything together before, now, you might have less energy, limited mobility, increased fatigue, or an inability to handle even the smallest amounts of stress.

Or perhaps you’re now the caretaker for a sick or dying parent or family member. Your everyday tasks may appear overwhelming.

We understand the difficulties involved in finding a balance or equilibrium in your lives. Sometimes even finding the smallest amount of peace during a busy day can seem impossible. While we don’t know if finding the perfect balance between work and life is possible, our goal is to help you succeed in multiple avenues of your life. By doing so, we hope to provide you with direction and support.

We want you to find your balance.

We hope that our ongoing mission to help you achieve a proper balance in your life becomes your reality. It’s okay if you’re not quite there or never find that “perfect” balance. What is perfect for others may not be for you. Everyone is built differently and everyone faces their own dilemmas. If nothing else, we are proud of you for the milestones you’ve reached and for all that life may bring your way. We hope to at least brighten one person’s day.

Keep your head high & your ambitions higher.

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