The Smartest Man in the World

I often think about the smartest man in the world. While I envy him, I also greatly pity him. To be the smartest man in the world, he must also, to some extent, be insane. Insane meaning lacking sanity or the ability to function sanely in society.

The smartest man in the world lives the most absurd life out of anyone.

Picture the smartest man in the world knowing the solution to what a regular man sees as an unsolvable equation. The smartest man has figured out this unsolvable solution and aims to explain it to regular men. Only, the problem is so complex and requires so many intricate details and sub-equations of which regular man is unaware. Since regular men cannot comprehend the extensiveness of this unsolvable equation and cannot fathom that an individual exists that could have solved it, it is likelier that regular men will consider the smartest man as insane, delusional, or not in the right state of mind.

Picture the smartest man in the world now labeled as insane or mentally unstable trying even harder to explain the unsolvable equation to regular men. Nobody believes him and nobody can even grasp the complexity involved in what he futilely tries to explain. After awhile, the smartest man does in fact begin to lose his sanity because no one can understand the complexities of his thoughts and understanding. The smartest man learns that if he adjusts to the regular man and communicates in a way understandable to regular men, that he has a way to exist in what is predominantly regular man’s society. However, in conforming himself to regular man’s society, the smartest man lives a disingenuous life in which he can not be himself, thereby driving himself to insanity.

I picture the smartest man in the world as someone who is very conflicted between sharing his great knowledge and wanting to assimilate into a society where he is not labeled as mentally delusional. Because even the smartest man in the world must long for human companionship.